Atlantic Ocean by Marek K. Misztal on Flickr.

I mean, seriously. Just look at her fucking precious face. 
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today marks my little brothers 3rd anniversary of his relationship with his girlfriend. He’s 7. That’s like half his life he’s been in a relationship….


One of my favorite quote of Malcolm in the middle.
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I just want a cute little house on nice land that I can call home and be proud of
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Stop licking yourself ya nasty
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Anonymous said: Who are the two people you trust

Brooke &Roach

but idk I don’t fully trust anyone so I mean
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Accidental front cam
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There’s the white side of me that’wants a tan but the black side of me that doesn’t want skin cancer.
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hi-its-brookie said: Then random facts about yourself! Go! Send it to your ten favorite followers❤️

1.I have a vagina
2. I’ve only ever genuinely liked 1 guy
3. My older brother is 17
4. I have a problem with authority
5. I hate when people ask about my life
6. Want a grey Newfoundland
7. Love money
8. Always broke
9. Only trust 2 people
10. I want an entryway like the Jenner house

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My trip to Seattle 2013 for a concert